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Sarah Weaver BSc, MIAEBP, is a qualified Hypnotherapist based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. As a fully qualified member of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy, Sarah uses a variety of exciting and effective treatments.

Sarah’s professional clinic is located in a quiet and relaxing setting in the heart of Cheltenham. With her fresh and innovative approach, Sarah will help you make significant changes in your life, FAST.

The hardest bit about change is thinking about it and making that decision to do something. Sarah aims to guide you through in an empowering yet gentle manner, using some of the most popular and effective techniques available.

You are investing in yourself, the benefits of which will last a lifetime. Change doesn’t need to be hard, get in touch with Sarah today. Everyone is welcome to a FREE consultation to find out more.

About Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver-17Sarah Weaver BSc, MIAEBP, specialises in Stop Smoking and Weight Loss hypnotherapy in her clinic in Cheltenham

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About Hypnosis

Experience with Sarah the calm and relaxing effects of hypnosis. You will be surprised to find that hypnosis is totally NATURAL and very pleasant trance-like state, which Sarah will gently guide you into. You will be fully in control at all times. SAFE, EFFECTIVE, EMPOWERING…

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Weight Loss

Are you motivated to lose weight but finding it really difficult? Sarah specialises in effective weight loss using Clinical Hypnosis and The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System. Once you realise that you are in control, losing weight and keeping it off becomes easy!

You can do this!